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Toba Fakt


Toba Fakt are a UK based electronic outfit featuring the songwriting, composing and producing team, Adam and Paula Pickering (otherwise known as The Daydream Club and co-founders of the British independent label Poco Poco Records). The duo say “we felt like we needed an outlet for our urge to do flat-out electronic, house and dance music. We figured we have pushed The Daydream Club fans far enough with our various genre hopping.”


With a drive to lean further into their love for less song based electronics they created Toba Fakt. Their music heavily samples from their work as The Daydream Club, twisting it into something completely different.


Adam and Paula met while working on a site-specific, multi-arts project in Liverpool back in 2003. They were performing in an old derelict Tobacco Factory down by the docks. “You hear people talk about love at first sight and there being electricity between some people, well both of us were too shy to say anything to each other but there was definitely an energy that we were both sensing” they recall.


This moment in time, in the freezing Tobacco Factory was one of the most important moments in their shared history and so they thought it only seems fitting to honour it as the name for a project that is all about energy and the urge to dance…

Toba(cco) Fakt(ory).


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