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Muvii Mento


UK Ambient duo, muvii mento make music that encourages you to stop, take a moment for yourself and breathe... don't forget to breathe.

muvii mento is one of the many aliases by the long time writing partnership of Adam and Paula Pickering. Known for their genre hopping, they previously experimented with atmospheric music on the album 'Ambient Project // Sound Asleep' under the name The Daydream Club. muvii mento is a dedicated outlet for their love of ambient music.

The name is an adaptation of the musical term movimento - meaning movement. They say "We got to thinking about how sound is actually the movement of a wave of energy through matter. Something about that thought feels very grounding to us, that sound is a physical force you can feel moving through your body. We liked that idea and believe that music is a massively important part of life that certainly keeps us grounded".


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