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We Begin

The Daydream Club

3rd June 2022

“We were thinking about how we all begin life before any situational elements take effect. We’re innocent, unencumbered, optimistic, open minded and exploratory… in those first moments we are arguably the most free we will ever be, we wanted to create something that feels like that.”

We Begin is the first single from what will become The Daydream Club’s second ambient album, diving deeper into the duo’s vast influences and combining their love of music and dance. They first met as performers in a multi-arts project, with We Begin, they invite us into this part of their history. Following the initial titles the video is a single sequence shot, with Adam behind the camera and Paula dancing, both moving freely and instinctively responding to each other to capture an unrehearsed, honest interpretation.

We Begin is the third single for the duo’s Song Stream concept which aims to create multiple albums across various genres simultaneously. The Daydream Club have previously explored the boundaries of ambient music with the album Ambient Project // Sound Asleep and the tracks Home from Home (Remix) and From the Summit.

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