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Two Player Games

The Daydream Club

29th April 2022

Over the years The Daydream Club have created a large collection of music that might be considered serious music with a complexity of layers and the duo recently realised this. As much as Adam and Paula have aimed to achieve this they also consider themselves as people to be goofy and rough around the edges. Two Player Games is intended to reflect that side of their personalities. With it’s super lo-fi acoustic tone (as if you were in the room during the recording), simple arrangement and it’s witty lyrics noting how the mundane elements of life are improved when shared with someone special, this song hits a very relatable note at the heart of The Daydream Club.

“We can make the most of offers on buy one get one free”.

The accompanying video doesn't take itself too seriously either. Featuring Adam and his real life childhood friend Nathan battling it out at ping pong dressed like 80's tennis rejects. 

This is the second single to feature on the duos new Song Stream project. Rather than working on an entire album they are releasing songs as they write/record them.

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