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This Will Be Our Year

The Daydream Club

18th February 2022

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This Will Be Our Year marks the launch of the new ongoing concept project Song Stream by The Daydream Club. 

Rather than spending a year writing an album and then building to release, they plan to release a steady stream of songs as they write/record them. This allows them to work more fluidly, working on multiple albums simultaneously with the potential for each single to be completely different from the last.

Here the duo have given the classic Zombies track a twist of their own, completely re-inventing it to have a more punchy, instant and modern sound with a healthy helping of positive vibes in the mix. It will become part of a future album called Got It Covered.
"Takes a classic and makes it even better" Indie Shuffle

Moving forward the band want to take the concept a step further. Have you ever wanted a personalised song? In an attempt to create more of a community The Daydream Club would like to make that happen. They're encouraging fans to submit stories from their lives and Adam and Paula will pick out any that inspires them to write a song which will be released as part of Song Stream.

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