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The Daydream Club

16th March 2015

The Daydream Club’s Adam Pickering surprised his musical soulmate Paula Walker by asking her to marry him during the video shoot for their single Saltwater. 

Adam explains…”I’d been thinking ahead to the future and while filming the video for Saltwater I realised that I would probably never have a more perfect opportunity to do it. I had the perfect musical backdrop, meaningful setting and even sparklers… After initial confusion from Paula she eventually realised it was a genuine moment and thankfully said yes.” 

Adam & Paula say that Saltwater is about "finding your soul-mate, the person you fit so perfectly with that you move together through life as one fluid entity... You are salt and I the water, and now we are the ocean, we move in fluid motion” 

Never content with just one version of their music the Saltwater single is backed with a self produced remix, which effortlessly re-imagines the track as a dirty-phat-electronic-euphoric-fist-pump! 

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