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Piano Project // My Anchor, My Home

The Daydream Club

4th June 2018

Piano Project // My Anchor, My Home is the fourth in a series of singles from The Daydream Club which have been created live in concert with music fans, drawing on their memories as stimulus for piano improvisations. This track was a request from a loving mother:

“the heart consuming joy and inspiration you find in your children when you feel like all hope is lost” (from Jasmine).

Struck with a desire to share their passion and to make more meaningful connections with fans of their music, Adam and Paula hosted a series of live-streamed performances, inviting audience members worldwide to submit their own thoughts, feelings and memories, which they would turn into spontaneous piano improvisations.

Throughout 2018 the duo released a series of singles created from these live improvisations. The singles form part of an album entitled Piano Project // With You In Mind.

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