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Piano Project

The Daydream Club

11th April 2016

The Piano Project brainchild of The Daydream Club is an immersive offering that brings the audience into the heart of the creative process as it happens. The entire 10 track album was written, recorded and filmed in just 3 hours, all at the hands of the real life couple Adam & Paula.

The idea for an instrumental piano release stemmed from impromptu improvisations that Adam has been known to do at gigs with the luxury of a real piano present. The band have taken that idea a step further, recording every track on the album as they were conceived, truly capturing a passing moment in time. To document this process it was all filmed live, offering an extra dimension to the music and creating an incredibly intimate, honest and unique audience experience. 

Includes the popular track Improv #10 - One Last Thought.

Written & Performed by The Daydream Club
Recorded, Produced & Mixed by Adam Pickering
Mastered by Pete Maher
Artwork by The Daydream Club

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