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Mary Deboutez Zellmer Fenoglio (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Daydream Club

16th September 2022

An original motion picture soundtrack by The Daydream Club for the independent film 'Mary Deboutez Zellmer Fenoglio' by Sam Huntley. The duo always had it in their minds that someday they would branch out into music for film and dance... this is their debut on that path.

The film follows Mary, at first glance a brash mid-western American woman but it is soon revealed that underneath her colourful language is a person full of spirit, heart and raw emotion with a perspective on life from the sidelines of America. The music begins seemingly simple and purposefully rough around the edges to mirror the initial impression of Mary using sounds that could possibly be found lying around in her shop. As the film develops and more of Mary's personality and emotion is revealed, the music follows with more layers subtly introduced.

The film was premiered at Tallgrass Film Festival in America. 

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