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The Daydream Club

25th July 2016

If you're new to The Daydream Club then Lux is a good place to start learning what they're all about. If you're already a fan then you're in for a treat. The husband and wife multi-genre duo (aka Adam & Paula) cover a lot of musical ground in this deluxe double album.

The first half features the original take of the songs with a mostly indie-folk angle and the second half sees the duo pulling their usual trick of remixing themselves to flip the songs on their head into more of an alternative, electronic, beats orientation. 

Throughout, you can expect The Daydream Clubs trademark boy/girl vocals on top of a bed of lush, instrumental layers and subtleties reserved for those who wish to dig a little deeper into headphone territory. 

Written & Performed by The Daydream Club
Recorded & Produced by Adam Pickering
Mixed by John Meredith
Mastered by Pete Maher
Artwork by The Daydream Club

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