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I Will Not Hurt You

The Daydream Club

21st April 2023

The Daydream Club return with another unique experience for their fans with personalised songs. ‘I Will Not Hurt You’ marks the first to be released.

(Due to the sensitive nature of this story the names have been changed). Adam and Paula received a moving story from a fan, the first line read:
“My name is Maria, and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a stranger to come up and fight for me when everyone else had given up, even myself.”

Without exposing too many of the harrowing details, she has experienced a life of trauma, abuse and isolation. She was left with feelings that she was unsafe, that she’s not good enough and that she didn’t deserve to live.

One night she couldn’t take any more and decided to take her own life, but Michael (a stranger she had just started messaging online) showed up and stopped her from going through with her plans (this was the first time they would meet in person). He stayed with her through the night to make sure she was safe. Fast-forward in time and Michael has proven to be someone she could trust, they now live happily together with their two children.

Adam and Paula say that “We are honoured that Maria has trusted us with her story, it brought us both to tears on first read and on numerous occasions while writing this song. We decided to write a song for her from Michael’s perspective so that we could express how amazing she is and affirm that she is loved, safe and does deserve to be happy. We hope they have a wonderful life together.”

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