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The Daydream Club

28th October 2013

Found is a rootsy indie-folk-pop infused EP by The Daydream Club. Delivering equal measures of stomp along and intimate pullbacks in both the dynamics and the drive. Chocked full of what The Daydream Club have become known for, Adam and Paulas trademark girl/boy harmonies on top of intricate layers of instrumentation. The title track was featured in acoustic form on Burberry's Youtube channel with the duo demonstrating what they do best. 

Found is the product of a hugely successful fan funding campaign that saw fans pledge money for songwriting lessons, bespoke cover versions and even a personalised song from the band. As part of the campaign Adam & Paula thanked each and every backer with a personalised thank you dedication picture. Some of these pictures make up the artwork for the EP.

The music video for Found was filmed entirely by Adam & Paula while also starring in it. 

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