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The Daydream Club

17th July 2020

Dormir translates to 'Sleep' and is a spacious instrumental piano duet that aims to allow the body a chance to breathe and the mind to reflect.

"Stress, sadness and social turmoil has left us feeling overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. Dormir aims to address this unrest. For us, playing piano is a means of catharsis, an intimate conversation. Dormir is raw and honest, exposed and vulnerable. it is a tender piano meditation for those who, like us, are feeling every kind of emotion. We hope this gives you a moment of relief".

The sheet music is available for both parts of the piano duet.

"A sublime soundtrack for introspection" Right Chord Music
Written & Performed by The Daydream Club
Recorded, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by A. J. Pickering

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