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Ambient Project // Sound Asleep

The Daydream Club

15th May 2017

The Daydream Club are a band that make a habit of re-inventing themselves. Never afraid to explore new sounds, their latest release Ambient Project // Sound Asleep is no exception. With this album we see the duo step away from the limitations of a traditional "band" setup and embrace the freedoms reserved for the likes of cinematic composers.

The inspiration for the project is born from the duo reflecting on world affairs, climate change, equality, human rights and asking themselves the difficult question; with the world in its current state, would I be happy to pass it on to my children?

The album features a tasteful blend of the duos multi-instrumental textures and their trademark boy/girl harmonies but not as we know them... all of the vocals have been intentionally reversed aiming to create a universal, other-worldly language without barriers or distractions.

If you would rather not delve too deeply into the meanings behind the album and just want to enjoy the music, then the vast cinematic / ambient soundscapes and musicianship is more than enough to keep you captivated and send you off into a mind wander to top all mind wanders.

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