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To Be Human: Ambient Tapes

The Daydream Club x muvii mento

20th October 2023

'To Be Human: Ambient Tapes' is the debut release for muvii mento, the latest alias from the long-time writing partnership of Adam and Paula Pickering. Known for their genre hopping, they previously experimented with atmospheric music on the album 'Ambient Project // Sound Asleep' under the name The Daydream Club. They decided they needed a dedicated outlet for their love of ambient music so they consider this album the official handover from The Daydream Club to muvii mento for that musical universe.

Although the album release is October 2023, 'To Be Human: Ambient Tapes' was actually written and recorded during lockdown in 2020 exploring feelings we can all relate to; a yearning for human connection. What it is to be human. Experiences we all go through with growing up, first loves, losses, grieving and picking ourselves back up again and again. A soundtrack to the human experience.

With it's ethereal layers and swells of emotions it's an album that encourages you to stop, take a moment for yourself and breathe... don't forget to breathe.

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