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A J Pickering

14th October 2022

​Una is a contemplative piano instrumental and the debut solo release of A. J. Pickering, otherwise known as Adam from The Daydream Club. When it comes to piano, Adam makes a habit of improvising on an emotion, capturing the spontaneity of a feeling. "With Una, I was feeling alone, singular, like I was talking but nobody was listening. So as I often do, I turned to my piano, pressed record and let my fingers work it out, like music therapy". 

Rocking between the peace of the C major and the tension of the F minor chord, both technically unrelated and yet creating balance together. "Without overthinking it, I found myself moving between these two different keys. Sadness is never a simple emotion, I guess on the one hand I've got a lot to be thankful for in life but sometimes external factors can wear you down. It's a constant cycle between the peace and tension, hopefully the two can find harmony in the middle."

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