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Ambient Focus

Ambient Focus Playlist

Ambient Focus playlist featuring chilled ambient music, with atmospheric sounds and dreamscape tracks to help you hear your own thoughts. We've been adding to this playlist for years just for ourselves but we've decided to open it up to all of you. This is great as background music, study music, work music, music to meditate to. We listen to this most days in the Poco Poco Records HQ when we're desperately trying to focus and get our brains to work.

Sounds like: Hammock, Rival Consoles, Stars of the Lid, Jon Hopkins, The Daydream Club, DjRUM, Kali Malone, Nils Frahm, Ana Roxanne, Hania Rani, Brian Eno, Four Tet, Tim Hecker, Julianna Barwick, Marconi Union, Mark Pritchard, Clark and more.

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